Little Green Planet offers a personalized interior design solution for residential and commercial projects. We provide high-quality design and furniture for specific needs. Francesca De Guzman is the Founder and Head Designer of Little Green Planet. She has been working and practicing in the design field for the past 7 years in various projects. She was born in the Philippines, lived and worked in the United States, returned to Manila to practice interior design. She had graduated from the Philippine School of Interior Design in 2005.

Since then, she has gained experience working in New York for West Elm, designed several offices for foreign companies, worked hand-in-hand with real estate developers, renovated and built homes from ground-up and even dabbled in production design for music videos with some of the most influential artists in the country. Currently, she is just focusing on interior design projects and supplying furniture for residential and commercial use.

Francesca is extremely passionate about designing. She truly believes good design is not only about the aesthetics but being environmentally conscious. Hence, why she named her design company Little Green Planet.

“As much as possible, I convince my clients to explore eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for all my projects. Whether it is as simple as giving a new life to an old piece of furniture, recycling old wood or metal scraps, investing in energy-saving lights or using organic, eco-friendly materials for their home or office. When people ask me, what is my design style? I say, it’s ECO-ASIAN CHIC. “

- Francesca Navarro De Guzman
  Founder & Head Designer of
  Little Green Planet

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